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Mobile Pet Grooming Smithfield NC

Mobile Pet Grooming Smithfield NC

K9 Clips is a full service dog grooming and cat grooming facility. We offer our full line of pet care services in-house as well as at your location with our Mobile pet Grooming service.

Our full service pet grooming includes all of the following:

  • Mobile Dog Grooming or Cat Grooming
  • Massaging bath with all natural shampoos and conditioners
  • Haircut of your choice – breed specific or other
  • Nail trimming
  • Ear cleaning
  • Medicated bath or flea bath if necessary
  • Towel dry and warm air drying

Why “Mobile” pet grooming?

There are several advantages to mobile pet grooming.

  • We come to you. There is no need to cause your pet unnecessary stress while being groomed.
  • Your dog or cat receives personal “one on one” professional pet grooming care.
  • Your pet is handled in a safe and sanitary environment
  • No exposure to other animals, diseases or parasites
  • No car sickness

We proudly use all natural and organic products that are proven to be safer for your pet and the environment in all pet grooming.

All grooming services provided by appointment only! Contact us to schedule your next pet grooming service today!