K9 Clips Pet Grooming

About K9 Clips

Liselle Clowers is the owner and operator of K-9 Clips. She has been grooming dogs and cats for 20 years. Since earning a B.S. in Animal Sciences from the North Carolina State University, Liselle began caring for animals in Johnston County and the surrounding area. She has been a pet groomer for 15 of those years.

Cat Grooming Smithfield NC

Cat Grooming Smithfield NC

Liselle will work closely with you, your pet, and your veterinarian. Liselle’s training and extensive experience allow her to be able to detect issues with your pet such as an unusual growth or a normal “age bump”, an odd skin condition that needs further examination, or anything out of the ordinary.

Since your animal gets groomed more frequently than they visit the vet, Liselle and K-9 Clips are your second line of defense (after you). Since our hands are on your pet from head to tail, K9 Clips gets to know your animal’s unique body type and can help you spot issues before they become problems for your pet.

The health and well-being of your pet is the most important aspect of our job. K9 Clips takes every step to ensure that their pet clients have an enjoyable and relaxing experience. Grooming is not just an avenue to make your pet look and smell good, it can also enhance their health by early detection of infection, infestations of bugs( ie fleas), signs of tooth decay and the beginnings of ear infections, just to name a few.

Even for pets that you don’t think need professional services, there can be benefits. Things that might be missed are: overgrown toenails which can grow into the pad if not clipped in time, allergies, dry skin, fleas that can cause serious side effects for the skin and coat. Dogs with floppy ears (ie Basset Hounds, Labs) can easily get infections because bacteria will seek out the moisture in their ears.

Liselle is proud and pleased to share her years of experience with you and your pet!